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The upcomming events...

19.03.2016.   KYUDO in Ventspils.


Latvian Archery Federation, Sport's Club "Odisejs" and "Martial Arts Club "YAMAMICHI"" will very glad to see all Kyudoka in the "First Informal Kyudo Tournament", which will take place in Ventspils, within indoor archery's competition - "Ventspils Cup 2016". Dates: 19/03 - 20/03/16. Locations: Latvia, Ventspils, LV-3601. Please, feel free to contact us.

09.04.2016.   KYUDO in Poland. Hayaku Sha Kai 2016


We are pleased to inform you that in 2016 Kyudo Club “Tametomo” from Lesznowola under patronage of Polish Kyudo Association and with participation of "YAMAMICHI Kyodo Team" will hold the 100 arrows taikai.

The competition will be held at  the Center for Education and Sports,

Mysiadło, ul. Kwiatowa 28, Poland.


27.06.2016.   KYUDO Open Training week 2016. Homburg.


Organizer: Alster Dojo e.V. - "Hi Un Kan - Kyudojo",

Teachers: F. Hoff - Kyoshi 6. Dan, C. Brandl-Hoff, Renshi 5. Dan and other trainers of the Alster Dojo e.V.

Themes: Improvement and correction of technique and taihai; If required, theory lecture(s) can be held.

Location: Alster Dojo e.V. - Veilchenweg 34; 22529 Hamburg - Germany.

27.02.2016.   The first friendly joint Kyudo-training with the participants from

Latvia and Sweden.


This event was happen!

See the report in the news...


Martial Arts Club


Latvia, Riga, Miera iela, 62.
Tuesday:            19.00 - 20:30.
Wednesday:     19.00 - 20:30.
Thursday:          19.00 - 20:30.
Sunday:             18.00 - 20:00.
Please, call before visit:       
+371 28 698 844  
Additional contact phones:
+371 22 35 71 35
+371 29 55 49 00
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