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How to repair broken arrow, if you have free time and don't free money to buy new one...

As friendly response to the more then 1 million of hot requests about the magic which help us to repair the broken arrows, we took the decision to publish our manual here...

1. As first of all, please, detect the length of your broken arrow. In general, it is useful to know the length of your arrow. Just in case...

2. Find the concrete location of damage.

3. Then detect the diameter of the arrow. Please, make it accurately, if you can guess, what that means...

4. Find in the garbage (or steal from someone in alien Dojo) the arrow, which was broken before. Make sure, that the diameter of the both arrows is the same.

5. Detect the length of damaged area and cut it from arrow. It's the better moment to finish the job, because you you had only one arrow before and you have two arrows now. But if you want to continue - OK...

6. Cut from the alien broken arrow two segments: one short for the changing of damaged area and other long (length of 100 mm, approximately), to insert it into the repairing arrow. Just see the picture.

7. Cut the long segment along somehow. Please pray vigorously before start the cutting. And to make a will will be not bad...

8. Insert the half of cutting segment inside the repairing arrow with a glue. The God and hammer will help you. Don't forget remove the shank before.

9. Install the short segment to the center and second part of repairing arrow in the same way. Install the shank to he's place and check the arrow's length. If everything is OK, your arrow is ready.

10. Please, pay to our account 200 Euro. It is joke. 400 Euro will be much better...


Martial Arts Club


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Wednesday:     19.00 - 20:30.
Thursday:          19.00 - 20:30.
Sunday:             18.00 - 20:00.
Please, call before visit:       
+371 28 698 844  
Additional contact phones:
+371 22 35 71 35
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