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#LatvianKyudoClub: Stay at home, create something useful...

Each experienced archers repaired their arrows time to time. It is very accurately, delicately and laborious procedure, which required a lot of attention, professionalism and alcohol. Therefore clever archers just buy a new set of arrows…

Nonetheless, if you are experienced archer, proud and stubborn human and you already restored your arrows one time, you knows very well that winding a thread to the arrow’s shaft is hellish process, especially if the thread is thin and you wind it by your hands. I did it many times, and cursed the thread, the shafts, my financial status and my naivety each cases… I wrote this text in English, because I know this language not so good in order to using the obscene words, that can convey my impression of this process reliably. Not to be linguist is still much better than to be rude. OK, one time I took a decision to create something, what will help me in this task, and went to my workshop. My lovely cat got ready to see the comedy and lay down as comfortably as it possible.

So, if you want to repeat this feat, you will need some pieces of timber or plywood, glue, castors and springs from your old furniture, locksmith tools, as well as the YouTube-channel with the movie how to use it…

Short slide show special for you:

Probably, I forgot something. Please, call me if you need a clarification…


Martial Arts Club


Latvia, Riga, Miera iela, 62.
Tuesday:            19.00 - 20:30.
Wednesday:     19.00 - 20:30.
Thursday:          19.00 - 20:30.
Sunday:             18.00 - 20:00.
Please, call before visit:       
+371 28 698 844  
Additional contact phones:
+371 22 35 71 35
+371 29 55 49 00
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